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Spot, stud, projection, robotic mig & in-line laser seam welding.

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Accurate Profile Services


Roll Forming

Accurate Profile are Australia's leading Roll Forming Company. Roll forming is a cost effective high volume production process that can produce a variety of shapes from simple "U" channels to complex profiles.

Accurate Profile excels in the ability to hold fine tolerances, and making the process suitable for all kinds of industries including automotive, white goods and building.

Our Roll Forming Mills

21 Roll Forming Machines 3mm thick steel capacity

Presses and Metal Stamping

Accurate Profile combines technology and experience to provide Metal stamping and pressed parts for many configurations. We can meet the demands of most challenging projects.

Our Equipment includes

  • 250 Tne In line Press
  • 150 Tne In Line Press
  • 60 Tne In line Press
  • 200 Tne Press
  • 80 Tne Press
  • 35 Tne Press
  • 30 Tne Press

Robotic Welding, Automation and Assemblies

Accurate Profile is a highly automated engineering workshop with multiple welding robots performing Mig and Tig welding operations. There are stand alone welding cells as well as robots completing materials handling functions.

These automated processes provide continuous accurate, efficient and quality outcomes to projects and are able to maintain demanding extreme tight tolerances . Improved productivity as well as cost efficient are outcomes of automation practices. Automation also delivers outstanding finishes for ease of plating, coating or painting.

Accurate Profile has:

  • COČ Laser Welder 3.0 Kw
  • Fiber laser welder 2.0 Kw
  • 6 Mig welders including Robot Mig welders
  • 6 Spot welders including Robot Spot welders
  • 3 Projection Welders
  • 2 materials handling robots

Tool Room and Maintenance Centre

Accurate Profile has qualified experienced toolmakers who operate in the company's designated tool room with the capability of creating specific tools for required projects. There also is a fully equipped maintenance workshop able to perform necessary preventative maintenance, servicing and repair operations.


Having specialist engineers with creative solution based concepts coupled with an automation focus provides customers of Accurate Profile with outstanding design results

Accurate Profile uses the latest 3D CAD drawing software to create and demonstrate, feasibility and capability. This also allows us to develop the forming sequence and simulation as well as perform edge strain analysis

This latest technology also enables Accurate Profile to reduce design lead time and increase tooling accuracy