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Tube Bending

Accurate Profile is pleased to announce that as part of their diversification program, the installation of the latest technology tube bending equipment including the purchase of a multi axis CNC tube bending machine and a fully automated robotic welding cell. Also there has been installed one of the latest high speed Automatic CNC Cutting saws and a End finishing Deburring machine.

The YLM brand tube bender is a CNC hybrid wipe bending and ring rolling machine, combining both wiping and rolling in one single and seamless operation.

This CNC bending machine can bend up to 65mm material. It can bend solid bars, round tubes, square tubes and extrusions of various sizes and shapes.

This CNC tube bender is capable of wiping a small radius which can then blend into a much larger radius in one single operation using only one piece of material. This is extremely efficient with greater speed, accuracy and delivers much shorter setup times.

This is the latest innovative machine available as it forgoes the traditional methods which require the use of two separate machines, a ring roller to form large radii and a tube bender to bend small ripple free radii. Unfortunately the old machines and methods are very time consuming and an inefficient method that is no longer competitive,

The computerised 3D simulation of the bending process and application enables for the pipe/tube to be viewed as a completed part before production. This real time simulation automatically selects the shortest and most efficient bending cycle for each job to minimise cycle time and reduce cost and waste. The multi-stack tool holding capability of the electric bending machine further helps to reduce the need for manual intervention, by allowing complex parts with multiple different bends to be made in one uninterrupted machine cycle.

CNC Cutting Saw

Accurate Profile's new CNC Cutting Saw direct from Italy is an automatic CNC vertical column circular saw with mitre cutting from 0 deg to 45 deg right and from 0 deg to 60 deg left. The machine has the ability to cut up to 100mm diameter tube.

It is suited to cut high-resistance steel, and this version which has the electronic inverter that widens the cutting possibilities for not only mild steel but also stainless steel, brass and copper.

The Imet Sirio machine allows programming of all operations by means of the CRC driver, which includes setting of the cutting lengths (from 4mm to 7 metres) with automatic feeder stokes. The start-cut and end-cut points and machine status is all shown on display, including blade speed, piece counter, total material length to cut. The selection of cuts has a range of 1-9999 and feeder strokes of 1-29.

This CNC cutting Saw has the advantage and ability to cut different lengths from the one original piece in the one operation.

Accurate Profile continues to provide its internationally recognised quality products and is now ready and able to meet your bending and rolling requirements in an extremely efficient manner with a very quick turn-around to customers both large and small at a very competitive price.